Parkour in the City: Neuroanthropology, Stress and Environmental Adaptation

Delivered for third year anthropology students…. Enjoy!


Section 1: The three-factor model – 1:52
Section 2: Introducing parkour – 6:44
Section 3: The City as a human niche – 14:10
Section 4: The Super-basic Neurology of stress – 22:37
Section 5: Super-basic Epigenetic effects – 28:43
Section 6: Stressful Cities – 35:14
Section 7: Parkour as cultural adaptation – 43:18

Because this lecture presents some 5 years of PhD research and 3 years of subsequent work to an undergraduate audience some generalization was essential to getting the material to fit inside the 50 minute time-slot.
While critique and feedback is always welcome, please consider the requirements of the format and the related time restrictions.

Video Credits, with thanks to respective creators:
Storm Freerun – UNBOUND (Trailer) – Storm Productions…
Speed Air Man – David Belle
Trace Elements Parkour 2008 – Trace elements…
Port Lincoln Parkour Trip 2015 – South Australian Parkour Association…

Copyright to Alex Pavlotski, 2017
Please feel free to contact the author on a.pavotski(at)

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