Interesting Parkour/Freerunning moment.

How interesting. The Chinese Journal of Traumatology published a paper about the bio-mechanical ‘damage’ of the acrobatic side of parkour movement. Then, they published the retraction below, pointing out that the injury issues covered in the original related to acrobatics, not impact diffusion mobility techniques. That ‘parkour’ was not the culprit. They were referring to ‘freerunning’.

The distinction was so important that it warranted a public amendment. The researchers were notified of the difference by members of the community…

for reference, retraction is here: retraction

A note to self.

Original paper: Nima Derakhshan, Mohammad Reza Zarei*, Zahed Malekmohammady, Vafa Rahimi-Movaghar, (2014) ‘Spinal cord injury in Parkour sport (free running): a rare
case report’, Chinese Journal of Traumatology, 17(3):178-179


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