Captain Truth lives ON!

I drew Captain Truth as a cartoon profile of a particular kind of mindset, to lampoon the rise of a series of egocentric philosophies that are transforming into psudo-political movements. Unreflexive First-world Libertarianism, narcissism, psudo-debate, blanket anti-feminism (MRA) and Gamergate. Though I fully intend to complete the trilogy, right now my time is taken up with the completion of my thesis. But, as a caricature, Captain Truth is irrepressible… There are many Captains of Truth out there and I’m sure you know a few. If you recognise that self-serving leap of logic, I invite you to let the good Captain speak for you. The Captain is now a macro. I’ll be watching keenly as he strikes out alone, into the vastness of internet space.

Read about Captain Truth:

Speak through Captain Truth:

Some Notable Examples:

ViolenceFreeIndiGaming diversity


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